Tuesday, September 3, 2013

You Know Yourself Better (Self-Capacity)

                                             You know Better (Self-Capacity)

           Are you one those , who people have to congratulate before you know you are improving in any area of your life? I want to let you know today, that no matter how hard you try sometimes, you might be the only one who recognizes how hard you're working but don't worry, its fine, you know your capacity that's what is important.
              If you wait for people to tell you you're doing the wrong or right thing it simply means your life is being controlled by many, it simply means people are leaving your life for you and I know that's not what you want.
              This is exactly what I keep advising people around me, DO NOT BE FORCED!.. have a mind of your own, everyone has the right to think on their own its called ENLIGHNMENT
, build your esteem, you have to explore let people know how serious you are with what you do and if they find it strange, Tell them its your invention that's what makes you special that's what makes you creative.
             I believe a lot in instinct and not what happens, its simple, If you can think it, you can do it. what you're thinking doesn't have to be synonymous to anyone's. Don't let the words of men deceive you the most important thing is that YOU,YOURSELF&YOURSELF know what you're doing as long as you are in that track then nothing can make you loose focus. Guys, its about concentration, determination and TRUST. Why do I think trust is the most important one? when I talk about TRUST here I am not talking about the trust you have for someone because that's just going to fade when it comes to things like this the earlier you realize that its just YOU alone in this wicked world ,you alone whose going to clean up your mess the better for YOU, because no one has anybody's time that's the truth so you need to have SELF-TRUST. This task takes a long time to develop it just depends on who you are but I tell you time waits for NO ONE.
             What is your definition of SUCCESS?
               To me, SUCCESS is a stage where by, a GOAL has been accomplished according to your very own satisfaction. In case your lost, This simply means that you might be at a very stage of your life where you are doing very good but not as good as you want.
       All of these count you as an individual just has to use your intellectual to sort things out for your self  like I always say, you know what's good and better for you so why don't you just go ahead, make the right decisions and be SUCCESSFUL.
      This is the most important of all. If you are being forced to do what you do not like doing then, I am sorry you might just end up hating yourself because that person who forced you into it wouldn't be having *SELF-REGRET*
when you are in that act doing what he/she advised you to do, You would be the one going through the *INTERNAL CONFLICT*
:which simply means fights and quarrels going on within you about your actions or daily activities. Trust me during stuff like this you just want to do your own thing and be focused so you can be happy with your results.
                Worse scenario, you might work so hard but what you have been striving for might not just seem to work, don't be afraid, don't stop if that's what you really want but sincerely, in the first place why should you have troubles working hard in what you're doing well, that's because it MIGHT not be for YOU or sometimes we can all say nothing good comes easy.
                    Why is it that most of the things you try to do don't just work for you NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY?
                      I say again, nothing GOOD comes easy OR its NOT just for YOU.( see, this things you cant force them at all if its not who you are then its totally not just you.) apart from TALENT!
What is TALENT: Talent is what you can do without no one coaching you on it, it can also be called *PRIVATE SKILLS* when you don't have to taught on it or about it you have gained your own personal skill from birth some people call it *GOD GIFT*.Apart from your TALENT things might not always go well for you so its either you realize its not for you, forcing it or you just have to give it another TRY. Don't get focused they are three conditions its either ITS NOT FOR YOUR,FORCING IT OR you just need to put in extra effort. But still DO NOT FORCE IT!

                 #Carol Quote: You're situation wont change if you don't change the way you handle your situation.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Now, we all know the most popular inventors in the world, Have you ever asked yourself what you're going to invent? Well, if you haven't thought about it you should start considering it trying to invent your own thing makes you look at the world from a different view ENTIRELY.
     INVENTION has so many ways of which it can be effective. I am going to give you major points of what exactly you need to keep that fire burning within you.
     These days people don't just want to follow foot steps, they want to know more about what and who they are following. When I talk about people following people I am  talk about MENTORS.A leader is different from a follower. In most cases, people need to be able to look up to someone, someone who suits into your situation. Personally, I  DO NOT recommend MENTORS for anybody because everyone has their capacity especially if you work hard a lot why think twice? you have what it takes to INVENT without a MENTOR, a MENTOR isn't necessary to be considered  during the process of INVENTION.I feel you without a MENTOR makes your INVENTION different and unique so you now that's its now a signature thing something you did in your own interest. Without a Mentor just gives it that flavor only you have.
     *REASONS FOR INVENTION: Why do you think you INVENTION should be published?, What ADVANTAGES can people profit from your capacity, your piece of work, Is it a POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE INVENTION?. This is were you play a 100% focus on *SPEAK UP* words are in your mind, more passionate when its in the heart, more theory when its said. What am I saying? speak up and let people see you as a TRANSPARENT: meaning  Let people tell the kind of person you are by your words and actions, people don't need to crack their brains if they were to summarize a full paragraph about you, they should be able to say things about you and once they can it means you are TRANSPARENT.TRANSPARENCY leads to my next point which is TEAMWORK.
      *TEAMWORK; If I asked you to give me a simple definition of what TEAMWORK meant you would say something about *GROUP OF PEOPLE*Well, correct but in deeper terms TEAMWORK means getting deep into IDEAS with other people .This set of people may not believe in your INVENTION but they have something additional to add when it comes to things like this so you see how you can easily rub minds.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Remember Today

why wait for tomorrow to make a great change in your life? start Now, everyone deserves a new begin.never look back,remove the *T* out of *cant* today and  see the difference. POSITIVITY  is is what you own not the opposite.Dont let FEAR take control over you.That little moment you embrace FEAR your POSITIVE thinking declines your abilty to think,Its a new day and you do not want to start it with FEAR take that POSITIVE step now .

Monday, August 26, 2013

Know what you want !

    Knowing what you have so many effect in your life.For instance you want to  be an economist at least you must have studied enough of it before you know you can finally major in and have a  good job...what am I saying life isn't as rapid as you think it is although  depends on how you want things to go for you. Never let people make life choices for you that is the worse thing  you as an individual can do taking life advices from people who have their own lives to live.
            So many people get confused and get things mixed up ,let me give you an example peer pressure:lots of teenagers go through peer pressure.Peer pressure is a state where by the people in you environment begin to give you internal conflict within yourself which leads to low-self esteem.Peer pressure could be from anybody e.g Parents,guardians,friends,teachers it could be anybody at all in this process your way of direct thinking begins to shrink as a result of what you have heard from many,you can't focus with peer pressure.I believe so much in SELF ADVICE advising yourself is the best advice you can offer believe me when I tell you.You could be in a crowded place wrinkled with so many people making some sort of hilarious noise but,because of the way you put yourself together,within and talk to yourself things begin to go the exact way you want it to I'm talking from full experience.
         It's not about what people tell you it's about what you believe,if you keep telling yourself you're a failure oh lord,trust me that's a path you do not want to start because SELF ADVICE could be both POSITIVE  and NEGATIVE depends on which suits your state at that point in time the best self advice you can give to yourself is a positive one,Let no one decide you,You know what u want why don't you just take your time and take a full glance at  your GOALS.
        Nobody is confused,some people just decide to be week mentally and emotionally,This is the plain truth IF you don't work this out theres no way things would work,common,one step goes a Way.What am I saying?SPEAK UP let everyone know what you stand for ,let people know its a free world adult don't only have RIGHTS,"RIGHT TO SPEAK" don't let ANYONE take that away from you the more you let them know the more you feel better and the more you can explore .
          Let people know you still exist in this wicked world,Let them know you stand for what you believe in.Haters would always be there why?because without them you can't be strong.
            Things don't move by itself on earth,people move things so that things can work for them,it's now a cycle,CYCLE OF LiFE that keeps going round and round non-stop.
              I understand all this things I mentioned could be hard but the truth is nothing good or worth having comes easy,that's a true life FACT,how do you deal with this if you haven't taking that step of confidence?
         *HIGH SELF ESTEEM :This is when your belief has to be 100% above your normal imagination as an individual,In the process of this internal conflict within yourself begins to lavish meanings, you start to ask yourself questions,questions no one can ask you but yourself,It's all step by step non of this habits come easily it's so much conflict within yourself..Sometimes HIGH SELF ESTEEM is usually RAPID it just depends on the kind of person you are but I believe we all want POSITIVE effects in order for that to happen you have to have a RAPID HIGH ESTEEM.
             Now, Don't be scared if you have started off but you're still kind of shaky when it comes to ESTEEM,you just have to let the fire burn,be excited,be happy for it,think of the POSITIVE profits you can actually get from being hardworking.
                *THINK-AHEAD:You can't be a dangerous situation and start thinking of how bad the situation is or how you're going to worsen it,things do not work that way have a POSITIVE internal discussion ,ask yourself how to make it better not worse.Your past totally has nothing to do with your future once it's one it's GONE.THINKING AHEAD has helped me a lot in so many aspects of my life anytime I think of  a present bad situation,without thinking AHEAD it doesn't just hurt it keeps your feelings with so much injury so by fixing them up you have to bring yourself together,ask yourself why you want to take that step,start working on that step,work on minting such kind of steps and of cos it would work for you.
           I hope I've been able to make some faces smile today.
Keep doing what you doing and do it well.I Know it's all going to work for you.